Who we are

The Money Question has the aim of improving Australians’ financial literacy. Australians are heavily reliant on the investment markets and financial advisers since, for many people, their biggest asset other than a house is their superannuation fund balance. Knowing how that money is invested, and being able to control it, could give a much better outcome in retirement for only a small effort.


The Money Question is written by Angus McLeod, a 25 year veteran of the financial markets with an undergrad degree in Economics and a master’s degree in Applied Finance; he’s also a CFA® charter holder and a CIMA® certificant. He spent 12 years as an equity portfolio manager. He’s now a lecturer in the Master of Finance course at RMIT University.

Angus’s objective is to share the knowledge he’s gained in his career in the markets to help ordinary investors navigate the complexities of finance in a way they can understand.

“I’m hoping to present financial information in a language that’s easy to comprehend, and to sharpen the financial acumen of readers so that they can approach investing with a better grasp of the basic concepts, as well as some of the pitfalls. I’m hoping to remove the complexity and to make investing less intimidating.”

Angus McLeod

The purpose of The Money Question is to increase general knowledge of how the investment markets operate and to build a foundation of understanding which will help all investors to take better control of their financial wellbeing and reach their financial goals.